Win the Battle Over Depression

Don't accept defeat; start fighting for your life!

What does the bible say about depression?

We weren’t designed to be stuck in a state of fear or depression. Those feelings are the brain’s way of telling us that something is wrong, but it’s not a final resting place. God has a plan for your life, and it’s NOT to continually suffer. There will be pain and difficulty on earth, but we can cope, have joy, peace, and a purpose, too.

Depressed people tend to reach out to (and seek support from) other depressed people, because it can feel like they’re the only ones who understand this state of mind. But that may be a lie from the evil one! If you suffer from depression, you might recognize the level of compassion it's given you toward others who suffer from it. Your heart for others is a blessing. I know you probably wouldn't even wish this on your enemy. But have hope; we aren't designed to be stuck in depression forever.

Yes, please DO use your experience with depression to help others, that's good! You might already praise Him for the trials and opportunity it's given you to support others. But you will help and encourage others even more when you choose to fight for your life. Start by replacing one lie at a time, such as "maybe God just wants me to be this way". The truth is; our spiritual ENEMY wants you to be this way. It's great that you can understand other depression sufferers’ pain, and it’s even better when you fight like your life depends on it, because it DOES.

Never accept defeat in the battle over depression, even if your heart has convinced you that nothing helps. The heart and your feelings can be deceiving; they can lead you into accepting some bad beliefs as truth if you continually listen to your heart instead of God's word.

The truth is that God has a plan for your life, and it's not to accept depression as a WAY of life. Depression WANTS to be the WAY, but JESUS IS THE WAY! This will be hard, but make small efforts to shift your focus, away from your pain, and onto Him. Not pretending the problems don’t exist, but trusting that there will be solutions and that it’s possible to have a completely different perspective, with his help. I know it's not like the flip of a switch to feel better; it can be a lifetime of hard work. But with trying lots of small changes, I personally found that life can be gradually turned around!

One time, as I prayed for healing from depression, God pointed out that I wanted to be pain free in this moment only, but I didn’t care about tomorrow. I’d care for myself one day at a time by feeding myself and showering and going to work. I would always appear to function as a mature adult outwardly, but inwardly, I despised having to do anything but sleep. I was doing just enough to make it through this day only. God showed me that I wanted to be healed, but I wasn’t actually interested in doing what it takes to live a long, healthy life and actually enjoy that healing for many years, because I struggled with believing that it would be worth the effort. I had erroneously decided the future was going to be bad and wasn't worth any effort to “endure”.

I believed a lie that tomorrow might be even more painful than the past. That prevented me from looking forward to the future. I wasn’t trusting God!

Time doesn’t heal you; actively pursuing and working toward your goal of having a better quality of life does. Using prayer, applying God’s word, and seeking help from others will bring real and lasting results. Your life may change slowly and gradually, or a lot right away, but ultimately, there will be an incredible transformation that you will be thanking God for!

So take a moment and think about any lies you've been believing, and replace them with bible-based truth. If your thoughts keep going back to how you've been hurt by someone, forgive them like your life depends on it. And no matter what you're afraid of, GOD WILL BE THERE! So don't accept defeat. It's honorable to choose to live, and fight for your life. It will bring glory to Jesus who sets us free. I pray that all who suffer and read this will one day be telling the story about the time of your deep despair, but finish your story by saying "...But GOD. Look at what wonderful things our God has done, look how He got me through. He truly loves us."

Try This Prayer:

“Father, I am fed up with my depression and I want life to feel (and be) completely different. I believe you have the power to change this. Please make me aware of any lies I believe, and any parts of my heart that I do not trust you with. Let there be a supernatural shift in my whole perspective, and remove my feelings of defeat, despair, and frustration. Help me care about my future, and believe that it can be better than I expect. If I get frustrated with myself, remind me to be gentle with myself, just as you are gentle and merciful to me.

Help me have the strength to take charge of my health and well-being. Restore my interest in taking care of myself. Renew any fruitful desires I once had or give me new ones, so I can stay active, creative, connect with others, and have goals and things to look forward to. I want to honor you with my life, and working toward conquering my depression is one way of doing that. Help me crush this beast! In Jesus name, amen.”

Read: Romans 8:26 and Psalm 143:7

Start: trusting that God knows the future and he will prepare you for what's ahead. He's already there. Write a list of just 3 good, healthy, productive things you can easily accomplish in a day, and do it. Your true desire is not to lay in bed all day; your true heart's desire is for life to get better.

Stop: worrying about tomorrow. Today has enough to deal with. Don't drop out of the fight just yet! YOU are not God, and you might be certain of what the future holds, but you may be wrong! Crush any negative expectations of the future, because only God truly knows and controls the future, and you might be pleasantly surprised! If you are having suicidal thoughts, please seek immediate help.

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