Surrender This Day to God

A prayer challenge that will change your life!

How to follow Jesus, does God love me, what does it mean to surrender my life to God?

Surrender this day to God. It doesn't mean you're giving him permission to make you miserable! You’re simply inviting his perfect will to be done in your life. I know it’s a scary thought, because surrendering to anyone or anything in this world typically does not end in our favor. But God operates very differently. God tends to surprise people with his mercy; you will actually gain freedom when you surrender to him. God will honor your desire to be more like his Son who surrendered his life.

Don’t be afraid; he isn’t going to violently rip everything out of your hands or angrily crush you with a list of restrictions. He isn't going to strike you with lightning. But he WILL open your eyes to things, in order to help you move forward with a clean conscience. He will present the truth of a matter, and you can ask him for help when you’re ready to do something about it. He might give you new desires or opportunities. He might warn you of some danger you’re headed towards, or reveal that a certain person is not trustworthy. You may or may not like what you find out, and you might even forget you prayed about letting God’s will be done today, as certain issues come to the surface.

Surrendering this day to God will be a starting point toward a more intimate relationship with Him, and an opportunity to see how good and trustworthy he really is. When you’re willing to honor God, he will make a way and bless you for it.

Try This Prayer:

“Father, my life is yours. I surrender this day to you. Do whatever you need to do, to help me become the man or woman you intended me to be, and fulfill every purpose you have for creating me.

I’m afraid to pray this, because honestly, I expect wrath. Help me ignore that feeling, because it isn’t true. You even said in your word, “For I know the plans I have for you… they are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11 NLT) Father, please remind me of that promise when I start to doubt or feel afraid. Fill my heart with faith. Give me real faith and take away my false beliefs or unrealistic expectations. Show me my true motivations and expectations, and those of the people around me.

Please help me be more like Jesus, the way that he trusts you. I want to trust that I won’t regret surrendering this day to you. Fill me with your Holy Spirit who will help me have supernatural peace and insight. This will be a great day of learning and growth. Let me feel your presence and love throughout this day, because you are merciful and tender to your children. Show me how you feel about my ways. Show me what to do about my secrets. If anything happens that upsets me today, please remind me that I prayed this, and that you’re putting a spotlight on the issues you want to help me break free from. It’s something to look forward to. I trust that you will show me what to do about it, and give me the strength and courage to do it. In Jesus name, amen!”

Read: Hebrews 11:6 and Ephesians 5:2

Start: surrendering every moment and every aspect of your life into his hands. Whether you’re working, hanging with friends, or just eating lunch, say a quick mental prayer inviting God to join you in the activity. Ask him to let you feel his presence, and show you any reasons why he might not feel welcome or honored. A lot of people look at life as a list of priorities where God comes first, then family, then friends, and on down the line. Instead, try looking at life as a pie, where every slice is a different aspect of your life, but God is the filling in the center of each one.

Stop: expecting God to hammer you with disapproval. Often times that feeling is our own harsh, impatient, critical inner voice. Sometimes it’s what we expect to hear, based on reactions we received from the critical people in our life. God is nothing like them!

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