Healing From Your Bad Choices

God can help you get un-stuck.

Maybe you’ve trusted people you wish you didn’t, or maybe your words or actions have hurt others. Don't beat yourself up about it. That's like partnering with Satan! Be merciful to everyone, especially to yourself. You can't go back in time to make different choices. If you’re the offender, be willing to make things right no matter how humiliating it could be, if possible, or necessary. If you often find yourself repeatedly trusting people who turn out to be untrustworthy, that can change. Feeling sad or unsure are appropriate responses that ought to lead to better choices.

But sometimes instead of running its course, those feelings can morph into an obsession with the past that is present in every moment of our lives. It becomes like a tape that plays on repeat, tainting every moment and sucking the joy out of everything. This tape only plays a song about hopelessness, guilt, or despair. That’s not how God intended you to live! It might feel like some things are beyond ruined, or like you missed (or destroyed) every chance God gave you. But God doesn't play like that. He is the ultimate restorer, healer, counselor, and he loves you.

God can help you heal and get un-stuck. Your past may be full of secrets, devastation or shame, but he can give you a fresh perspective and purpose. Your future doesn’t have to revolve around your past. It will always be a part of your life, but it can lose its sting and its power. By taking a look at your patterns and making some adjustments, you can alter what kind of outcome to expect in the future.

Try Praying This:

"Father, please fill me with your Holy Spirit who will give me power to live beyond my pain. I have deep pain because of my past, but I trust you can make something great come out of this.

Help me rapidly get up to speed in becoming the emotionally healthy person you intended me to be. Show me where to find wise counsel in your Word, from a friend, or from a professional, if necessary. Help me replace my guilt with repentance, and help me forgive. Help me love myself and others, the way you love me. If I talk to myself negatively, or regard myself as “all bad”, “damaged”, or harshly scorn myself, remind me to have mercy on myself, the way you do for me. Please teach me how to forgive myself. Not only for the things I've done, but also for the things I've allowed.

Show me how to make better choices so I don’t hurt myself, others, or let untrustworthy people into my life again. Show me how to distance myself from every bad influence, and help me find the good ones, or lead them to me. Help me understand what attracts me to people who hurt me, and how to strengthen that area in my heart. Show me who I can trust now, and alert me when it isn’t safe to open my heart to certain people. Teach me how to be trustworthy and earn respect.

I have painful memories from my past that I want to see through YOUR eyes. Give me a whole new perspective that will help me overcome for good. Feelings aren’t always facts. So help me stay focused on truth, and believe what YOU have to say, instead of what my emotions (or my critics) have been telling me all these years. Fill me with strength and assurance instead.

Show me things in my home that need to go in the trash, or get donated, whether they continually invite darkness or trigger bad memories that are making me feel doomed or defined by my past. Show me that my identity is in YOU now, as a child of the King, and help me look forward to a better future than what I’ve experienced or have erroneously come to expect. In Jesus name, amen!”

Read: Hebrews 4:12 and Acts 3:19 and 2 Corinthians 7:10

Start: being careful not to attribute all our suffering to God’s desire to punish us, but rather, that we are also suffering the natural consequences of our bad choices (whether we did or didn’t deserve the human reaction we received). Every action will get a reaction, and not every reaction from people on earth is righteous or deserved. God doesn’t react with wrath the moment his children mess up. God is very patient, but he is also holy, and will do what’s necessary to discipline his children. Consequences and discipline that come from God feels unpleasant; yet opens our eyes to the truth and breaks our strong-willed rebellion. But it will lead to a healed heart, renewed strength, and a new respect for Him after running its course.

Stop: resisting, you know what's coming; you'll have to face it and own up. As we suffer from the reactions to our actions, we can always count on Jesus to sympathize with our pain, no matter what the situation was. God promises refreshment and restoration for anyone who comes to him with a repentant heart! No matter what anyone says, God knows you have the ability to change and grow from your mistakes or bad choices. He makes all things new, even our broken hearts and minds. Be aware, there’s a big difference between “feeling bad” for what we did, and having "true remorse" which results in taking full responsibility for our actions, and being willing to possibly even suffer humiliation to make things right. "Feeling bad" and "true remorse" have different outcomes. Resolve to make those difficult permanent changes, so it never has a chance of happening again, and accept that you might need to earn back the trust of anyone you’ve hurt, even if they were initially the guilty party. Some people may never want us to forget. Some people might never forgive us, but we have the right to forgive ourselves and move forward, regardless of what they say or expect. When we truly repent and change our ways, we can count on God to forgive, forget, and help us make peace with others. Most importantly, we will gain the supernatural peace that comes only from Him.

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